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Free Patterns: Infinitely Adjustable Socks

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There are many sock patterns on the internet, and I know how hard it is to choose the right pattern for your feet and be sure they'll fit. That's why I love this Infinitely Adjustable Sock Pattern.

This pattern, if made exactly as written, will fit most women's feet. Because the foot and leg are ribbed, they will stretch to hug skinny ankles or wider calves. I have made them in medium for myself, and for my teenage son, just by knitting the foot on his socks a bit longer. These pretty yellow socks are made in Cedar House Yarns' Sapling Sock in Yellow Bell. Need socks to fit someone with larger feet? I use the larger size for my beloved partner, who has big, manly feet, but long, skinny legs. These gorgeous variegated socks are made in Dragonfly Fibers' Djinni Sock in Winter Woods. The legs and feet on these socks can be adjusted to be any length that suits your recipient. 

But even better, these socks can also be adjusted to be wider/skinnier than usual in both the foot and leg, or in just the foot, or just the leg. You can shrink them down to make socks for toddlers (I made my son socks from this pattern when he was three), or enlarge them to make socks for someone with edema or other leg or ankle swelling. You can adjust the leg to be wider than the foot, or vice versa. They are truly infinitely adjustable!

At standard length, they use one skein of any standard sock yarn. For knee socks, you may need a skein and a half. Want to make them with different toes/heels/cuffs? It's easy to do that, too! Have fun. Download the free pattern today!

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