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Great Ideas: 10 One-Skein Sock Yarn Projects... That Aren't Socks

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So you have some lovely hand-dyed or unusual fiber sock-weight yarn, right? Single skeins you've purchased over the years, or maybe just two little balls of yarn... stash-bound beauties that have no set purpose. What can you make, besides, you know, socks?

Here are 10 projects that you can make with a single skein (or its equivalent yardage) of fingering-weight yarn, and that aren't that one shawl everyone makes with a single skein of sock yarn. You know that one.

All images are from the Ravelry page for the pattern, and all patterns are FREE!

1. Taylor by Jennifer Lysen

Jennifer is the dyer for Cedar House Yarns, and we love her yarns and her cute patterns. Taylor is a one-skein beauty of a small shawl, with just enough detail to be interesting, and just enough garter stitch to be easy. 

Recommended Fairlight Fibers Yarn: Cedar House Sapling Sock

2. Nurmilintu by Heidi Alander

This pretty lace-y shawl is perfect for any sock-weight yarn, with just enough lace to be sweet without being intimidating. Add a sparkle yarn, and you have a beautifully elegant shawl.

Recommended Fairlight Fibers Yarn: Yarn Love Marie Antoinette

3. Stones on the Beach Hat by Jennifer Knight

This is such a pretty hat, with gorgeous detailing. If you like making beanies, this one will be a favorite!

Recommended Fairlight Fibers Yarn: Yarn Love Mr. Darcy

4. Glitz at the Ritz by Helen Stewart

Helen knows from shawl patterns, as anyone who has seen her Shawl Society patterns knows. This pretty baby features beads and lace and will perk up any wardrobe with a bit of serious glamor.

Fairlight Fibers Yarn Recommendation: Yarn Love Goldilocks

5. Traveling Vine Infinity Scarf by Mickie Hanson

This is a lovely lace scarf, not a shawl, that you can easily make with any pretty single skein, whether or not it has a gradient. Perfect!

Fairlight Fibers Yarn Recommendation: JOMA Yarns Baby Blue Face

6. Sirene Shawl by Corinne Ouillon

This shawl has a lovely pairing of different textures, perfect for highlighting subtly-variegated yarns.

Fairlight Fibers Yarn Recommendation: Dragonfly Fibers Djinni Sock

7. Georgette Shawl by Sarah Kay Hartmann

This crocheted beauty is lacy and perfect for any variegated or solid skeins! Because of the lace pattern, it won't be a miniature version of shawl when made with just one skein, either.

Fairlight Fibers Yarn Recommendation: Fibrelya Bamba

8. Sockhead Slouch Hat by Kelly McClure

This cute hat is easy and practical. It would make a great first slouchy beanie for a beginning hat knitter, and would flatter just about anyone!

Fairlight Fibers Yarn Recommendation: JOMA Yarns Sock-a-Rino

9. Knotty Gloves by Julia Mueller

These lovely gloves will show off your less-variegated sock yarns to perfection, while keeping your hands warm. Choose solid colors to make these to highlight the cables!

Fairlight Fibers Yarn Recommendation: Yarn Love Juliet Sock

10. Fingerless Gloves by Maaike von Koert

These gorgeous crocheted gloves will make you look elegant and sophisticated with their simple, beautiful lace pattern. This is another project where solid colored yarns would shine!

Fairlight Fibers Yarn Recommendation: Onion Yarns Nettle Sock (1 ball for small/medium)

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