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Great Ideas: Five Skein Fades

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Have you been swept up in the Fade madness? Patterns like The So Faded Sweater by Andrea Mowry or Fading Point by Joji Locatelli need five beautiful skeins of yarns that can fade from one to another without big jumps in color. The closer the fades, the better!

These first kits are from JOMA Yarns, a Canadian hand-dyeing company run by Emjay, who paints her yarns by hand to create their beautiful layered appearance. Because these kits are all from the same dyer, the colors are consistent. JOMA kits are made up of two sock bases: Sock-a-Rino, which is a merino/nylon mix, and Baby Blue Face, a BFL/nylon mix. They all run $120 for five generous skeins.

JOMA Yarns Kit 1: Emily Carr, Adventurous, Knotty Girl, Thrillseeker, Nimbus

JOMA Yarns Kit 2: Shady Business, The Floor is Lava, Black Pearl, Old Growth, PayDay

JOMA Yarns Kit 3: Emily Carr, Adventurous, Knotty Girl, Melty Crayons, Trance

JOMA Yarns Kit 4: Emily Carr, Adventurous, Melty Crayons, Moon Child, Prosecco

JOMA Yarns Kit 5: The Floor is Lava, Boosh!, Old Growth, Stainless, Gifts from Gulls

JOMA Yarns Kit 6: The Floor is Lava, Boosh!, Black Pearl, Thrillseeker, Stainless

JOMA Yarns Kit 7: Emily Carr, Raspberry Beret, Unicorn Farts, Hot Flamingo, Cake for Breakfast

JOMA Yarns Kit 8: Cherry Bomb, Hot Flamingo, Cake for Breakfast, Ocean Purl, Prosecco

JOMA Yarns Kit 9: Raspberry Beret, Unicorn Farts, Trance, Ocean Purl, Prosecco

Our next set of Kits are from Dragonfly Fibers. These kits are all composed of Djinni Sock, a cashmere/merino blend. They cost $150 for five fat skeins of luxury hand-dyed yarns.

Dragonfly Fibers Kit 1: Save the Ta-Tas, Red Bud, Peach Melba, Springtime in Washington, MidCentury Magnolia

Dragonfly Fibers Kit 2: Heliotrope, Heroine, Firecracker, Riptide, Coral Reef


Dragonfly Fibers Kit 3: Velvet Underground, Starry Night, Black Pearl, District 12, Winter Woods

Dragonfly Fibers Kit 4: Bad Moon Rising, That Ol' Chestnut, Rocky Top, West with the Night, Beaches

Dragonfly Fibers Kit 5: Dragonberry, Big Apple, Flannel Pajamas, Aurora Borealis, Orchid Thief

Our third set of Kits comes from Fibrelya, another small Canadian dyeing house. These beauties are made with Bamba, a high-yardage bamboo/merino/nylon mix. They run $120 a kit.

Fibrelya Kit 1: Calicarpa, Chameleon, Rhapsody, Foxy, Smith

Fibrelya Kit 2:  Rhapsody, Vintage, Daryl, Foxy, In Between

Our last two Kits come from Yarn Love Yarns, a mid-western dye shop run by Katie. They are made from two different bases: Mr. Darcy, a yak/merino/silk base, and Juliet Sock, a merino/nylon base. The costs vary accordingly: Kit 1 is $160, and Kit 2 is $135.

Yarn Love Kit 1: Haute Couture, Unicorn Poop, Tinkerbell, Amethyst Geode, Arabian Nights

Yarn Love Kit 2: Cosmopolitan, Fable, Unicorn Poop, Vespa, Frog Prince

Any of these kits will make beautiful projects. Why not snap one up today?

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