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Great Ideas: Pretty Patterns for Our New Silk Yarns

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We have three gorgeous silk yarns available from Tell Tale Yarn Company, an independent dyer here in Washington State. Arianne produces slightly variegated, saturated colors that are unique to her style. All three yarns are ridiculously soft, and all three are slightly different.

Knitting with silk yarn can be intimidating, so I wanted to post a few patterns that will work beautifully with each of these new yarns. Click on the photo of the pattern to go to the Ravelry page.


First up is Siren Silk, a 100% mulberry silk lace-weight yarn. Mulberry silk is the finest cultivated silk, with long, strong fibers made from intact silk worm cocoons. It takes the dye beautifully, so the colors are extra saturated and shiny: perfect for shawls!



Next we have Seawater Silk, which is a mix of mulberry silk, merino, and seacell (a fiber made from seaweed and cellulose). Seacell gives this yarn a pleasant softness and loft, while the silk provides structure and the merino provides bounce. This is a fingering weight yarn, perfect for a range of projects.



Finally, we added Topsail Tussah, which is a 100% tussah silk yarn. Tussah is known as "wild" silk, and is gathered from wild silk worm cocoons, instead of cultivated cocoons. The fibers are shorter, due to the silk worm hatching from the cocoon. This silk has a lovely depth and texture, with a slight fuzz. It makes very pretty shawls and other projects.



Pick up a skein of Tell Tale Yarn Company's lovely silk yarn today, and make yourself something truly special! 


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