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Great Ideas: Shetland Wool Pattern Ideas

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Now that we've added Jamieson & Smith's lovely Shetland wools, 2-Ply Jumper Weight, 2-Ply Lace Weight, Shetland Supreme Jumper Weight, 1-Ply Cobweb, Shetland Heritage Colors, and Shetland Heritage Naturals, you may be looking for a bit of inspiration! Fair isle patterns and traditional Shetland lace patterns can be intimidating, but they don't need to be.

For Fair Isle, if you can knit with two colors, either in both hands or using a guide on one hand, you can make fair isle, as each row is knit with just two colors. The transitions from one color to the next on ascending rows is what gives fair isle its complex appearance, but if you've done any colorwork in the past, it's not any more complicated than that! Of course, you can use 2-Ply Jumper Weight for things other than fair isle. It works beautifully for any colorwork.

For Shetland lace, while the patterns are intimidating, once you have knit lace, you can make Shetland lace -- it just requires patience and an attention to detail.

Here are some pretty patterns from Ravelry for Jamieson & Smith's lovely yarns. Click on the photo to go the the pattern page!

1-Ply Cobweb


2-Ply Lace Weight



Shetland Heritage Colors and Naturals:



 2-Ply Jumper Weight and Supreme Jumper Weight




Have fun! There are over 8000 projects on the Ravelry page for 2-Ply Jumper Weight alone. These yarns are incredibly versatile and inexpensive. Enjoy knitting whatever you like! 

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