Great News from Fairlight Fibers! });
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Great News from Fairlight Fibers!

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I am so excited to announce a major line/color expansion for our shop in the upcoming months! It's so much fun to showcase the work of artisans and local suppliers. We just can't wait to bring you more!

Up first, here's a list of what we will be adding from our existing suppliers:

Blacker Yarns (expansion coming in the next 2-3 weeks)

  • Swan 4-Ply, a soft merino fingering weight yarn.
  • Tamar Lustre 4-Ply, perfect for lace shawls!
  • Lyonesse, a mix of Falkland Islands merino/corriedale wool and linen.
  • Westcountry Tweed DK, a slightly-felted tweed mix of local wools.
  • Mohair Blend 4-Ply, which blends Hebridean wool and mohair 
  • Jacob, a single-breed speciality yarn, in both DK and 4-Ply 

Cedar House Yarns (expansion in January/February)

  • Old Growth Worsted, a superwash merino in 13 colors
  • Windfall Super Bulky, a mix of superwash merino and nylon in 12 colors

Dragonfly Fibers (expansion in January/February)

  • 6 new colors of Djinni Sock and additional stock of our most popular colors
  • 6 new colors of Traveller DK and additional stock of our most popular colors
  • 3 new colors of Dragon Sock Gradient Sets

Eden Cottage Yarns (expansion in next 2-3 weeks)

  • Whitfell DK pure alpaca yarn
  • Whitfell Chunky pure alpaca yarn

Shokay (new colors this weekend, and ongoing)

  • 3 new colors of Shambala, plus additional stock of our most popular colors

Stonehedge Fiber Mill (new colors in the next two weeks, and ongoing)

  • 2 new colors of Shepherd's Wool

Yarn Love Yarns (new colors in February/March)

  • 10 additional shades of Juliet Sock
  • 5 additional colors of Goldilocks cashmere mix
  • 4 new colors of Marie Antoinette sparkle/cashmere mix
  • 3 new colors of Mr. Darcy yak mix
  • 15 colors of Amy March DK merino
  • 15 colors of Anne Shirley Worsted merino

New Brands Coming Soon:

Addi Needles: Olive Wood Interchangeables (this week)

Jamieson & Smith: Shetland wools in fingering and lace weights (hopefully in the next few weeks)

Tell Tale Yarns: hand-dyed silks and silk blends (in January/February)

We hope you're as excited as we are! Look for special deals on our new yarns and notions, and be sure to sign up for our newsletter for coupons.



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