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Pretty Projects: Kate's Tamar Lustre DK Cowl

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About a month ago, we asked a select group of Ravelry and r/knitting group users to knit up something from one of our lovely yarns for us to use as "shop" samples. Ravelry user eightyeightkate chose to make this gorgeous cowl using the Cornflower Cowl pattern and less than 1 skein of Blacker Tamar Lustre DK in Gannel. 


Isn't it gorgeous? We love the pretty cables, and the Tamar Lustre really shows them off while retaining a "fuzzy" look. Tamar Lustre is made from the wool of heirloom long-fiber breeds, so it has a soft-yet-crisp appearance that's unique among the yarns we carry. It blooms nicely once washed, as well, and comes in 17 naturally-inspired colors. 


Look at those lovely cables!


Kate's knitting ability is pretty impressive, as is her dog's cuteness! 


You can pick up a skein of Blacker Tamar Lustre DK for under $20 and make yourself a cute cowl (or dog cosy) too! Here's the link to Kate's project page for her cowl. Enjoy!

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