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Pretty Projects! Metropolis Mitts!

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These beautiful fingerless mitts are so warm and the pattern is lovely! You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry for $6. 

I whipped these up using Yarn Love Yarn's Mr. Darcy in Black Coffee, a gorgeous mix of merino, silk and yak with a slightly heathered appearance that give the yarn depth of color, despite the dark dye. Mr. Darcy is also super soft, yet has the crisp hand that comes from the silk in the yarn, making it a perfectly luxurious blend for knitting a cabled pattern like this one. 

Metropolis Mitts


The mitts required only one skein (with plenty left over to trim a pair of socks or add stripes to another project), and if you've made anything cabled and/or knitted in the round, these were a quick, easy knit. The pattern is both charted and written out line-by-line, which I always appreciate. I highly recommend these beautiful mitts in this beautiful yarn!

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