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Pretty Projects: Whistler Wedding Shawl

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Several months ago, on the eve of my wedding, I received a beautiful sample skein of Fibrelya's bamboo/merino mix sock yarn, Bamba, when I ordered their self-striping sock yarn for the shop. I took one look at the gorgeous purple-and-grey colorway called Callicarpa, with its subtle blue speckles, and was in love. It certainly produced the desired effect, because not only did I order it for the shop, but I also immediately cast-on my wedding shawl from it.  And by "immediately," I mean as fast as I could wind it, find a pattern, and get that yarn on my crochet hook.

I've been crocheting even longer than I've been knitting: probably almost 30 years now. Recently, I'd been missing the quick work-up and lovely lace effects that crochet produces. After admiring crocheted shawl designer Rachy Newin's lovely work on Instagram, I knew I had to make one of her shawls. I chose her Whistler Shawl, and off I went.

The Bamba worked up like a dream! But being me, and The Loosest Crocheter/Knitter on Earth, I soon ran out of yarn. I also happen to like my shawls big. Like, Really Big. So I grabbed two skeins of Onion Nettle Sock in a pretty light grey, and added a few more rows before ending with some shimmery clear seed beads I had tucked away in my craft drawer. Blocked out, the shawl was literally perfect. 

I couldn't be happier with my shawl, my wedding, or my new life! Though we had issues with some of the official photos of us as a couple, these photos of me in my shawl came out beautifully! Guess the shawl and I were meant to be...

The Whistler Shawl pattern is perfect for a one-skein project, for those of you who happen to not be The Loosest Crocheter on Earth, but if you'd like it extra big, I used a skein and a half of Onion, and about 200 seed beads which I hand-strung on the second skein and added to the final row. Highly recommended!

Project page on Ravelry is here.

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  • Jess from Fairlight Fibers on

    Hi Karen, thanks so much for the lovely comment! I’m so pleased you found us too :).

  • Karen on

    Oh, I am so happy to have found Fairlight Fibers! I love my Jamison and Smith jumper weight wool. I haven’t started using it yet (too many projects going at the moment). I just started a shawl with a lace end (50 knit stitches and then a segment of lace). I love your shawl! Gorgeous!

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