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Addi Olive Wood Crochet Hooks - Fairlight Fibers


Addi Olive Wood Crochet Hooks

$ 16.00


Product Description: Based on addi's® popular crochet hook designs, the Olive Wood handles provide a secure grip, and feature a plant-based oil finish. The Turbo-plated tips pair with the warm, beautiful handle. 

Created from the wood of non-fruit bearing olive trees,  Addi Olive Wood hooks are comfortable to work with, as the handle attains body temperature quickly, making them a great choice for arthritic hands.

Sizes Available: US 10 (1.25mm), US 8 (1.50mm), US 6 (1.75mm), US A (2.00mm), US B (2.50mm), US C (3.00mm), US D (3.25mm), US E (3.50mm), US F (4.00mm), US G (4.50mm), US H (5.00mm), US I (5.50mm), and US J (6.00mm)

Fairlight Fibers Notes: These reclaimed olive wood Addi crochet hooks are a favorite here at the shop! First, like Addi's Olive Wood needles, these are absolutely gorgeous. Second, the handles are surprisingly comfortable for long projects -- better than many "ergonomic" hooks we've tried! And finally, like all Addi products, they carry a lifetime guarantee. Made from reclaimed olive wood in a family factory in Germany, these are beautifully- and ethically-made hooks that will last a lifetime.