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CaMaRose Tynd Lamauld Llama Wool - Fairlight Fibers


CaMaRose Tynd Lamauld Llama Wool

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Product Description: Tynd Lamauld (Thin Lama-wool) is a soft, rustic, 1-ply yarn consisting of 50% Lama wool and 50% Peruvian Highland wool. Tynd Lamauld is the same basic yarn as Lamauld 1/2. Two threads Tynd Lamauld can be used as an alternative to and together with Lamauld. Llama fiber is a natural product, lanolin-free, lightweight and strong. The hollow structure of the fibers provides an exceptionally good insulating ability, which makes llama wool considerably warmer than ordinary sheep wool. The yarn's rustic appearance, high insulating ability and strength make Tynd Lamauld particularly suitable for classic Nordic knits, shawls, scarves, baby blankets and other clothing that should be light, strong and snug.

Tynd Lamauld is spun one-ply and only unfolds when knitted and rinsed. A knitted and washed sample is therefore recommended to get the full impression of the yarn's properties, expression and softness. Llama and wool naturally have very different fiber lengths, which can shed excess fibers while being worked. The majority of these fibers are washed out at the first wash. Tynd Lamauld is produced in Peru taking into account the environment, animal welfare, the local farmers and workers. The manufacturer is oeko-tex certified on all its wool products and uses solar energy in production. High quality requirements as well as consideration for the environment, animals and people in the production are the basis for the spinning mill's cooperation with CaMaRose since 2010.

Weight: Light Fingering/Fingering

Fairlight Fibers Notes: Tynd Lamauld is very squishy and soft from the llama fiber, but has a wonderful loft and fluffy warmth. It is a perfect substitute for rustic European wools. The colors are selected to work well together, and come in an unusual range of subtle shades.

Content: 50% llama fiber, 50% wool

Yardage: 50g/220m/240yrds

Recommend Needle Size: 2.5-3.00mm (US 1.5-3)

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