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Blackwattle Alpaca Yarn and Fibre

Blackwattle Yarn and Fibre is the creation of Angela and Matthew Smith, which they run from their farm ‘One Tree Hill’, located in Murrumbateman, NSW. Their farm and yarn businesses are named after two trees on the farm – the stunningly beautiful and old heather tree on the top of the farm's one and only hill and the sombre, but truly gorgeous, black wattle trees that grow across the property.

Angela and Matthew started their alpaca fibre love affair following the purchase of two alpacas, when they moved to the farm in 2008. The alpaca numbers grew quickly and they now run a herd of about 70 alpacas, mainly breeding females. They focus their alpaca breeding program on developing and producing alpacas that meet the industry standards, whilst focusing on the commercial needs of the fibre these beautiful animals grow.