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CaMaRose is run by Trine Bertelsen, garment designer and owner of Trine founded her single-owner company in 2010, then under the name of It started as a webshop, where Trine sold her own designs in the form of knitting and crochet patterns for babies and children. By the end of 2010, she began importing yarn in her own name from Peru. 

Right from the very beginning of 2010, it has been Trine's 3 children who have inspired her to design and they remain her daily sources of inspiration. It was therefore also why she chose to change the name of her company from Strikkebogen to CaMaRose, as this is an abbreviation of her 3 children's names, Carl-Emil, Mathilde and Anna-Rose. 

Trine's mission with her company has been, from the outset, being able to sell quality yarn which is not otherwise available on the market and at an affordable price. Next, she has chosen to cooperate with suppliers who comply with ethical and environmental rules for animals and the environment in the production of yarns. In addition, her goal has been to create knitting and crochet patterns that are easy to access and which also reflect the trends of the day. 

You can follow Trine's work on  or at