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Jamieson & Smith: A Shetland Story Book - Fairlight Fibers

Jamieson & Smith

Jamieson & Smith: A Shetland Story Book

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Product Description: Shetland textiles have for centuries been loved and admired across the globe. With their characterful sheep and instantly recognisable styles of Fair Isle and Shetland Lace knitting, the Shetland islands have long been associated with a thriving local wool industry. At the heart of this industry is Jamieson & Smith, Shetland Woolbrokers, who have been buying and selling Real Shetland Wool since the 1930s. Today, Jamieson & Smith is run by a skilled and passionate team who continue to build on the company’s proud legacy. Inside this book, you’ll find out about the people who founded, built and sustained the Shetland Woolbrokers, and discover the history of this world-famous textile brand.

To celebrate both their heritage and their future, Jamieson & Smith commissioned ten handknit designs. Drawing on the distinctive legacies of Shetland Lace and Fair Isle knitting, worked in Jamieson & Smith yarns, and photographed in Shetland, these signature handknits unite the story of Shetland wool together with the rich textile heritage of the islands. Designs from: Sandra Manson, Kharis Leggate, Ella Gordon, Mary Henderson, Gudrun Johnston, Mary Jane Mucklestone, and Lesley Smith.

Fairlight Fibers Note: This book is gorgeous! Lots of information and lovely photographs, plus 10 beautiful patterns.

Weight and Size: 364g, 8.5" x 10.5"