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Poppy Fibers

Poppy Fibers

I am Jannicke and I live in the countryside just outside Bergen in Norway with my family. I have a small dye studio in our house, which I love making and exploring in. 

I'm educated as a biomedical laboratory scientist, but because of various health issues, it's not possible for me to have a "normal" job. In natural dyeing I have found good use for my training, and feel so lucky to be able to make a living of doing things I'm passionate about. 

Natural dyes

I fell in love with natural dyeing in 2015, and immediately wanted to learn myself. The colors have a lovely depth, almost all of them go well together and age beautifully. Natural dyeing is a sustainable choice and for me a way of connecting more with nature. I use both extracts and whole dyestuffs collected in nature. I'm self-taught and by no means a master, this is just the beginning of my dyeing adventure!


I do my best that Poppy Fibers should be as environmentally friendly as possible. It includes the color extracts, the recyclable packaging and the slow process.