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RavensWood Fibre Co.

From Sam, dyer: Every skein of yarn has a story and at RavensWood Fibre Co, I get to be a part of that story. 

Yarn and the process of working it by hand is a sensual experience. We are drawn first by colour, we are held by touch, we hold to dream of the who, the what, the where and sometimes why we need the yarn. A skein of hand dyed yarn is more than a string for a project. The colours and patterns draw us in. Every stitch anticipates the next colour change and how that will play against the fabric we create. We can find the rhythm of the needles/hooks meditative. When we work with hand dyed yarns we know that although you may see similarity in another skein, this skein is special. It is unique in the depth and breadth of pattern. It was built with kind hands that loved it from its birth to your hand. 

What’s in a name? It’s the final gift. A part of my soul that I share with you. A reflection, a story, and often a giggle as I send this piece of me out to the world for you to continue its story.