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Smith Tea

Smith Teas

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Product Description: Steven Smith Teamakers's story begins with Steven Smith, a natural born teamaker from Portland, Oregon since 1949. First as co-founder of Stash, then as tea shaman of Tazo, Steve made a worldwide name for himself through his deep understanding of tea—culminating in his signature brand, concocted in 2009. To deliver uncommon good taste in your cup, Steven Smith Teamakers source the finest teas and botanicals from friends in India, China, Sri Lanka and Africa.

Fairlight Fibers Notes: Smith Teas are absolutely amazing. Delicious, full-bodied, and crazy with flavor! We've been searching for over a year for the perfect local tea (made in Portland, Oregon) to pair with our yarns, and this is definitely The One. Start your day with one of the delicious flavors (Jess's favorite is a morning cup of Masala Chai with milk and sugar, or Big Hibiscus with a bit of honey), or wind down with an herbal blend. The sachets are compostable, and the boxes are sturdy and beautiful in their own right. This tea is wonderful!

Size: Single-flavor Tip Top Boxes contain 15 sachets of tea. Assortment Tip Top Box contains 12 sachets.

Flavors (more arriving all the time):

Smith Assortment -- contains 2 each of 6 flavors (Fez, Mao Feng Shui, Lord Bergamot, Brahmin, Meadow, and Peppermint Leaves). 

Masala Chai - A rich and masterful chai of second flush Indian Assam black teas enlivened by sweet and aromatic spices. Best when served with milk and sugar.

Big Hibiscus (Caffeine free) – The cabernet of hibiscus teas. Luscious red hibiscus flowers, sarsaparilla, ginger root, rose petals and elderflowers.

Meadow (Caffeine free) -- A caffeine-free blend of golden Egyptian chamomile flowers and mildly stimulating, fragrant hyssop joined with smooth Cape rooibos, rose petals and linden flowers. You may need a sun hat.

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