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Windrose Wanderings Pins

Windrose Wanderings

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Maris is now living in southern Norway for two years. While there, she is learning about her Norwegian heritage and practicing her art.

While her interests range far and wide, her longest passion lies with metalworking; she first had pliers in hand at the tender age of nine. Since then she has moved on to torches and hammers, but is enjoying this time away from formal studio space to go back to her earliest practices; simple forms and playing with pliers.

Her host family in Norway has given her a small room in the oldest building on the farm to use as a studio, and free rein to use old tools on the property. So right now, she’s working on a refurbished anvil that she found rusting in a barn and with salvaged copper from past remodels. 

When not playing with metal, she can be found working on illustrations, reading books on mythology, sewing clothes, exploring the woods out back, or dreaming of weaving projects she'll do when she has access to a loom again.