International Version: Fairlight Fibers Pre-Order Yarn Club
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International Version: Fairlight Fibers Pre-Order Yarn Club - Fairlight Fibers

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International Version: Fairlight Fibers Pre-Order Yarn Club

$ 45.00

Product Description: THIS IS THE VERSION FOR INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS, INCLUDING CANADIANS! Our Pre-Order Yarn Club offers you access to beautiful, exclusive yarns that you can only get in the US from us, for $30 each month plus shipping. You can buy a Club offering just once, or subscribe to get uniquely gorgeous yarns and notions delivered right to your door every month, for 10% less than buying the offers one at a time. 

As these are exclusives, the yarns will not be currently offered on our site (though we will almost certainly offer some of the non-custom yarns eventually). Custom hand-dyed colorways are exclusive to the Club at the time they are issued!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NOTE: This is a pre-order club. Your yarns will NOT ship right away. We take orders all month, then send those orders to the dyers/providers at the end of the month, then they dye things up and send them to us. *The average wait time should be 30 days from the end of the month,* but it could be as much as 6 weeks, depending on the dyer's schedule. This club is not for everyone. But we will send you gorgeous yarns, patterns, treats and other fun, promise! Thanks!

Quickly tell me how this works: 

Fairlight Fibers Pre-Order Yarn Club offers a curated selection of special yarns each month that we believe you'll love. These yarns are carefully selected for you by Fairlight Fibers. 

At the end of each month, we place our order for that month's items with the supplier. They then create the yarn order for us. Some suppliers have the yarns ready and simply need to assemble the orders and send them to us. Some suppliers (like hand-dyers) must create the orders from scratch before shipping them to us. Once we receive the yarn orders, we will ship the yarns to you. This whole process takes 4-6 weeks from the end of the current month. So if, for example, you place your order on any day in March, the closing date will be March 31st, we will order the items on April 1st, and ship to you by mid-May at the latest. Please be aware of the time involved in the pre-order process. 

If you subscribe, you will eventually be receiving yarn roughly once a month (depending on whether each pre-order took 4 or 6 weeks to arrive to us). Sometimes you'll receive two orders in one month and none in the previous month. But don't worry: we will keep you updated on the progress of each order.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is everything pre-order?  Yes. You place your order by the end of the month, and your yarns will ship within 4-6 weeks of that closing date (sometimes earlier!).

Is there a risk to me?  Nope! If there are unavoidable delays, we will notify you immediately. These selections have been pre-arranged by Fairlight Fibers, and dyers/suppliers expect them. We also have reserve offerings we can send out to subscribers, if an unavoidable disaster occurs. If something was purchased with a one-time purchase and cannot be shipped, we will refund your order.

I live outside the US. Can I join the Club?  Yes, you are in the right place for that!

How much will I be charged? One-time purchases are $45 total for each order INCLUDING INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING of $15. This is exactly the same as the US prices, but with shipping added. The cost is $41.40 for a subscription. This brings the subscription price to just a bit less than the US price of $27, plus international shipping of $15. You save more than 10% on the yarn cost alone, and 8% on the total including the shipping.

Can I buy just the current offer?  Absolutely! Just select the one-time purchase and check-out as normal.

Is there an advantage to subscribing?  Yes! You save 8% by subscribing, and the yarn just magically arrives! It's fantastic! Monthly subscriptions auto-renew, but you can cancel at any time. 

What sort of items will be included?  We will be featuring beautiful fine-fiber yarns, and occasionally small notions. We will include hand-dyed sock yarns, breed-specific yarns, organic and specialty yarns from our European suppliers, luxury-fiber yarns from around the world, and other fun new treats! The yarn weights will mostly be fingering/sock weight or DK, with the occasional foray into heavier weight yarns as seasons dictate.

Will you include patterns?   At this time, as these are preorder yarns, we can't always include patterns specifically for these items. That said, we have a Ravelry Group where you will be able to find lots of pattern ideas for all our selections, as well as ask others for advice on how they used the yarn they received. 

What are the items in the Club offering worth?  The retail value of your Club selection is always at or above $27 (we include domestic shipping in the $30 US value), so you're never losing money on these fun offerings, even for international customers.

Can I choose my colors?  Sometimes. Custom-dyed yarns are not available in multiple colorways, but the other yarns may be. We'll let subscribers know if there are multiple color choices, and you can let us know what your preference is! If you are ordering a one-time product, you can let us know in the notes at check-out, or we will email you and ask! If we don't hear from you, we'll pick a great color and you'll still get your product.

What if I don't like something?  Generally you cannot return Club selections, as they may be Club exclusives and cannot be resold. But that said, please let us know if you are dissatisfied and we will work with you to make sure you're happy. 

Can I stop/change/cancel my subscription?  You can manage your subscription from your customer account page, and cancel at any time. 

Can I give a subscription as a gift?  Yes! But right now the pre-paid option is only available to US customer. To ship internationally, you must use the current Club setting, which means THE SUBSCRIPTION WILL AUTO-RENEW UNTIL YOU CANCEL IT. Simply set up the shipping address to reflect where you want the yarns to go. Remember: these subscriptions auto-renew each month, so if you do not cancel your subscription, it will renew automatically until you cancel it.