Dragonfly Fibers The Crown Wools Mystery Shawl Kit – Fairlight Fibers
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Dragonfly Fibers The Crown Wools Mystery Shawl Kit - Fairlight Fibers

Dragonfly Fibers

Dragonfly Fibers The Crown Wools Mystery Shawl Kit

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NOTE: We have these on clearance, and will not be ordering more sets. They make lovely gifts for knitters. 

Product Description: Bronwyn of Casapinka has designed a delightful mystery knitalong for this summer. From Bronwyn: “Who needs diamonds and rubies in tiaras and necklaces? We have our own version in our knitting! While the sparkle from the real jewels gets put away in a safe, every time we start a new project we get so excited about our wool and color…so this time we will knit our own version of the crown jewels and wear them like we own Buckingham Palace! And it’ll be SO MUCH BETTER than a bunch of diamond tiaras!” Look here for more details.

Weight: Fingering

Contents: This kit includes twelve 1.5 ounce skeins of Dragonfly Fibers Dragon Sock, 100% merino. Each hank of two-ply yarn has approx. 140 yards and is perfect for this large, drapey shawl.

The pattern is available for purchase directly from Casapinka on Ravelry here.

SOLD OUT: Option 1 (Bejeweled Rainbow): Hot Pants, Bougainvillea, Dragonberry, Oriental Poppies, Tree of Life, Limelight, The Maiden, Captain Nemo, Blue Velvet, West with the Night, Daenerys, and Heliotrope.

Option 2 (Mid-century Modern): Mid-century Magnolia, Peach Melba, Beauty School Dropout, Pale Lime, Dirty Martini, Dragon Wagon, Blue Moon, Hairspray, Captain Nemo, Birch, Mossy Glen, and Mushroom Hunting.

SOLD OUT: Option 3 (Rose Quartz): Gray Moonstone, Big Apple, Silver Fox, Birch, ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ Peony, Save the Ta Tas, ‘Burning Bright’ Peony, ‘Topeka Garnet’ Peony, ‘Buckeye Belle’ Peony, Smoky Topaz, Red Bud, and Black Walnut.

SOLD OUT: Option 4 (Rubies and Amethysts): Wine Country, Red Maple, Dragonberry, Bougainvillea, Big Apple, Dustrict 12, Icelandic Skies, Purple Haze, Heliotrope, Heroine, and Arya.

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