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CaMaRose Lamauld 1/2 Llama Wool - Fairlight Fibers


CaMaRose Lamauld 1/2 Llama Wool

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Product Description: Lamauld ½ is a lovely soft single-ply wool yarn, which is produced in Peru, specially made for CaMaRose. The llama wool consists of 50% llama fibers and 50% Peruvian highlands wool. Lamauld is an exclusive natural product, with a unique ability to protect against cold, as the fibers of the llama wool are hollow, which makes Lamauld a better insulator than, for example, sheep's wool. The llama is in the family with the alpaca, but llama wool is NOT the same as alpaca. Llama fibers are somewhat coarser than alpaca fibers. This also gives llama wool a more rustic look when it is knitted up, which makes the yarn suitable for Icelandic sweaters and other outerwear. Lamauld does not look as dense when it is rolled up like as a yarn, but blooms once it is knit up. As the fiber length of the llama varies, the yarn may shed fibers when knitted. This usually disappears at the first wash. 

Weight: Aran

Fairlight Fibers Notes: Lamauld 1/2 is a very unusual, and yet traditionally European yarn. It is squishy and soft from the llama fiber, but has the loft and rustic feel of a more traditional wool. It is a perfect substitute for Icelandic wool or Shetland wool, if you would like something different. The colors are beautiful, and the yarn will make stunning garments, from sweaters to hats. 

Content: 50% llama fiber, 50% wool

Yardage: 50g/100m/109yrds

Recommend Needle Size: 4.5-5.00mm (US 7-8)

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