Five Skein Fade Kits – Fairlight Fibers
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Five Skein Fade Kits - Fairlight Fibers

Fairlight Fibers

Five Skein Fade Kits

$ 120.00

Product Description: These kits will provide you with a beautiful 5-skein Fade. Please note the yardage of each kit. These kits are perfect for Joji Locatelli's Fading Point Shawl or So Faded Sweater from Andrea Mowry.

Fairlight Fibers Notes: The price of this kit depends on the kit you purchase, as it varies depending on the cost of the base yarns. All the kits are composed of yarns from the same dyer, so you know they'll work together beautifully!


JOMA Yarns kits are either Sock-a-Rino merino/nylon blend (420 yards ea) or Baby Blue Face Blue-faced Leister/nylon blend (408 yards each) or both. Kit minimum: 2040 yards.

Dragonfly Fibers kits are Djinni Sock, a cashmere/merino/nylon blend at 420 each. Kit minimum: 2100 yards.

Fibrelya kits are Bamba, a bamboo/merino/nylon blend at 472 yards each. Kit minimum: 2360 yards.

Yarn Love Kits are specified in the name. They are either Mr. Darcy, a luxurious yak/merino/silk blend at 400 yards each, with kit minimum: 2000 yards; or Juliet Sock, a merino/nylon sock yarn at 420 yards each, with kit minimum: 2100 yards.

Cedar House Kits are Sapling Sock merino/nylon blend (463 yards ea). Kit minimum: 2315 yards.

Contents: 5 skeins of sock-weight yarn

Weight: 20oz