Fripperies & Bibelots ringOs Stitch Markers: Fairlight Fibers Custom
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Fripperies & Bibelots ringOs Stitch Markers - Fairlight Fibers

Fripperies & Bibelots

Fripperies & Bibelots ringOs Stitch Markers: Fairlight Fibers Custom

$ 8.25

Product Description: ringOs are snag-free ring stitch markers for knitting that glide on and off knitting needles and won't dangle or tangle in finer lace and sock yarns. ringOs are made from lightweight anodised aluminium rings and adorned with beautiful seed beads which are glued in place over the join. These ringOs are packed in a Fripperies & Bibelots tin for easy storage.

Fairlight Fibers Notes: ringO's are F&B's most popular item, and it's no wonder: they're smooth, easy to use and very pretty. There's nothing dangling to get caught in your knitting. These ringO's are available in our shop colors: gold, chocolate and scarlet. Because they come in gold with a frosted red bead and chocolate with a shiny red bead, they can be used to mark different parts of your projects at a glance to keep you organized. They're just perfect for small-gauge projects like socks or shawls. The tin is tiny and easily popped into any project bag. It screws shut, so you'll never lose your ringOs. Highly recommended! 

There are two sizes: Regular (needles up to 4mm/US 6) and XL (needles up 8mm/US 11)

Contents: 10 ringOs, tin.

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