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Kettle Yarn Co. Baskerville - Fairlight Fibers

Kettle Yarn Co.

Kettle Yarn Co. Baskerville

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Note: we won't be carrying Kettle Yarn Co. after these items are gone, so stock up while you can! 

Product Description: Hailing from the mysterious West Country moors, Baskerville is lovingly spun in small batches exclusively for Kettle Yarn Co. This new British blend is like no other, melding the lustrous, velvety crimp of fine British Gotland and the frothy loft of Exmoor Blueface. With a hint of luminous silk adding a gentle shimmer, this unique blend is a subtly modern take on traditional rustic yarns.

A gentle 2-ply yarn, Baskerville is spun worsted, twisted lightly, to create the airy thick-and-thin character of traditional handspun with combed fibres for strength and softness. This unique blend blooms fully on blocking with separate stitches hugging together to create a light warm fabric with subtle drape that wears beautifully. A truly exceptional heirloom quality yarn, it is simple to keep your Baskerville items looking new for many years to come as any tiny pills can easily be removed without damage to other fibres.

Note: Baskerville Dark -- now with more British Gotland! New Gotland-rich Baskerville DARK inverts dark British Gotland and light, fluffy Exmoor Blueface of the original blend, creating a darker, denser version of Baskerville with the same subtle silk glimmer. Slightly more rustic and less lofty than the original Baskerville this blend plays up Gotland’s unique velvet handle.  

Weight: Fingering

Fairlight Fibers Notes: Baskerville is remarkable. While it definitely has the "rustic" quality of many British-breed wools, it also has a loftiness that makes knitting with it totally addictive. Softer than Shetland, this long-wool blend has a unique halo and a crispness that also gives it its extraordinary drape. Highly recommended, like all Kettle Yarn Co. yarns. This is a truly lovely yarn. 

Content: 85% Wool, 15% Silk

Yardage: 3.5oz/100g/400m/437yrds

Recommended Needle Size: 2-5mm (US 0-8)

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