Maison Sajou Gilded Sun Motif Embroidery Scissors – Fairlight Fibers
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Maison Sajou Gilded Sun Motif Embroidery Scissors - Fairlight Fibers

Maison Sajou

Maison Sajou Gilded Sun Motif Embroidery Scissors

$ 80.00

Product Description: This delicate pair of embroidery scissors has a small sun motif on the handles. Entirely hand-made, the handles are gilded up to the closure. There is a Sajou ribbon on the right eye ring. Presented in a Sajou box. The inside of the lid has a label explaining how they are made. An important detail enables a buyer to judge the quality of a pair of scissors: the pairing marks - the number on the interior of each of the blades. This number is different on each pair of scissors and indicates that both parts have been paired together from the first assemblage to make a perfect match. After the first fitting, the scissors are taken apart and each shear undergoes the different processing operations before being reassembled and finished.

Fairlight Fibers Notes: Like most of our Maison Sajou scissors, these are beautifully made by hand. The sun design is art deco in influence, and particularly pretty. The gilding covers the handles. These elegant scissors are the standard size for embroidery scissors, and will last a lifetime with proper care. Treat yourself to a pair of pretty French scissors: you won't regret it! These come packaged in a pretty Maison Sajou patterned box, with a blue Sajou ribbon attached.

Size: 9.8cm (3.9")

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