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Unicorn Vibration Penannular Copper Shawl Pin - Fairlight Fibers

Unicorn Vibration

Unicorn Vibration Penannular Copper Shawl Pin

$ 20.00

Product Description: These shawl pins are hand-forged from thick copper wire. Some are hand hammered, or have embellishments of beads or wire wraps. 

Penannular ("Annular" means formed as a ring and "penannular" formed as an incomplete ring) brooches feature a long pin attached by its head to a ring; the pin can move freely around the ring as far as the terminals. There is a gap between the terminals wide enough for the pin to pass through. Beginning as utilitarian fasteners in the Iron Age and Roman period, and in Ireland and Scotland from about 700 to 900, which are popularly known as Celtic brooches or similar terms. The brooches were worn by both men and women, usually singly at the shoulder by men and on the breast by women.

Fairlight Fibers Notes: These are just gorgeous shawl pins -- simple and elegant. The quality is excellent. The copper is brilliant and the embellishments are nicely done. These will hold your shawl nicely and the traditional shape never detracts from the beauty of your knitting or crochet. Each one is hand-made, so they are all slightly different. If we are sold out of one you like, please fill out the form to be notified when they are back in stock. We will be sure to order more from the maker as soon as we sell each pin!

Contents: Copper, some with beads made of gems or shells

Measurements: Size varies slightly from pin to pin. Regular: about 1.5", and Large: about 2"

Weight: Less than 10g 

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