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Windrose Wanderings Copper Shawl Pin - Fairlight Fibers

Windrose Wanderings

Windrose Wanderings Shawl Pin

$ 24.00

Product Description: These fibulae-inspired shawl pins are handcrafted from recycled copper or silver in a partially abandoned building on a 200 year old farm in Norway. Each piece is carefully shaped by hand and with pliers and then hammered to harden and solidify the shape. Then any sharp corners are filed down, and the end of the pin is filed to a gentle point to be kind to handmade fabrics. Though the wire looks slight, one of these pins has been used as a clasp for a heavy woolen cloak through many adventures in the Norwegian woods!

Fairlight Fibers Notes: These are gorgeous shawl pins made by a former student of Jess's. Maris makes incredible traditional pins that are hand-crafted with attention and love. Beautiful!

Contents: Copper or silver

Measurements: Size varies slightly from pin to pin, ranging from 2.25" to 2.5". Please let us know if you prefer a slightly larger or smaller pin.

Weight: Less than 10g 

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