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Welcome to the Fairlight Fibers virtual office clean-out extravanganza!

Early birds are welcome! All sales are final.

Here you'll find a random miscellany of items that need new homes. Some of the yarns you'll find here were surplus inventory from our monthly yarn club; while some are simply lines we no longer carry. There are also items we ordered for customers from one of our vendors, in spite of the fact that we didn't stock the line-- and then for various reasons, the customers changed their minds.

Items will be added gradually, so check back from time to time!

In an effort to simplify sales, some yarns will be grouped into lots or sold as combinations. Items pictured are the actual products available. Descriptions follow each image.

This beautiful group of yarns pairs 2 compatible colorways from separate origins. You will receive these three skeins of Circus Tonic "Jubilee Sock" in "Malabar": 75% Superwash Merino; 25 % nylon, 464 yards/ 425 meters/ 100 g per skein PLUS 3 balls of Tilia by Filcolana: Sakura #321, 230 yards/ 210 meters of 70% mohair; 30% silk. Sadly, there isn't enough yardage of mohair to pair the two for a complete garment, but take a look to consider using the lot for a Birds of a Feather Shawl by Andrea Mowry, or a smaller sized Elton Cardigan by Joji Locatelli! Total yardage of Circus Tonic in the lot is 1,392; and 690 yards of Tilia.

This grouping of popsicle-colored wool is a brainchild of Lisa... She couldn't resist holding a former yarn club offering from Subculture Yarn up in front of our Ullcentrum Sport selection-- and this is what happened. If you are in the mood to get creative, and figure out a way to use this combo, something awesome is bound to emerge. Note that the Subculture yarn is fingering weight, and the Ullcentrum is Sport Weight-- but this combo is all about taking chances!  What you will receive if you purchase this lot: 2 skeins of Subculture SW Merino/Nylon Fingering, colorway "Winterberry." Content: 80% Superwash merino; 20% nylon; 3-ply; 420 yards/ 384 meters/ 100g per skein. See our product details for added info about Ullcentrum Sport. Colors included are #5102 Reddish Purple; #4102 Turquoise, #1142 Cerise; all are 100% light Gotland wool; 328yards/ 300 meters per skein. Total yardage of Subculture in the lot is 840; Ullcentrum is 984..

Two skeins of "Squish DK" hand-dyed by TeenyButton Studio, "Midnight in the Rose Garden" is an irresistible variety of shades from the cooler side of the spectrum-- not so pale as to be pastel, but not so bright as to appear "too much." Honestly, these two skeins are a bit hard to let go! This DK yarn contains 100% superwash merino, 250 yards/ 228 meters each. An adorable pair of mittens with a matching hat? A unique shawl or baby blanket? What's it gonna be, folks?!

Your second option for a double order of TeenyButton Squish Dk features a different color and mood. Lime green to dark green; burgundy and turquoise, with a light base. It doesn't sound like it would work, but what do you think? I think it does! Product details are the same as the above listing.

SAGA by Filcolana! Four balls of #264 Lingonberry. What's a lingonberry? No idea, but I can tell you that it's brick red. Saga is a plied and sturdy 100% lace-weight yarn with 328 yards/ 300 meters per ball. If you haven't seen Anne Ventzel's phenomenal and ingenious pattern, the Spot Sweater, then it's time to go to Ravelry and find it. That's all I'm gonna say about Saga. :)

If the person writing these little descriptions had the versatility of fingers to knit with dense, bulky weight yarn, this particular listing would not be here. Sadly, it's off limits to this knitter, and thus-- available at an awesome rate for you! Akta Lovikka by Ullcentrum is 100% percent Swedish wool, spun into a single ply, and each skein has 70 yards/ 64 meters/ 100g of warm, winter-wearable yarn. Most projects on Ravelry that used this yarn were mittens and slippers. There's nothing like an undyed yarn that is so minimally-processed, it's like wearing a sheep. With FIVE skeins, you'll have enough to experiment before you commit to a project.


6 balls of Onion Mohair + Wool, shade #327; 50% mohair, 50% wool; 164 yards/ 150 m. Handwash only. Gorgeous yarn suitable for a classic, vintage-style cardigan or a fuzzy shawl. This cobalt blue will brighten your mood on the darkest of days. (Total yardage in this lot is 984 y.)

5 skeins of hand-dyed Circus Tonic Handmade "Joy" Fingering Sock: 80% superwash merino; 20% nylon; 393 yards/ 360 meters/ 100g each. Colorway is "Candy Apple." Streaks of deep plum, turquoise, red, orange, and ochre shoot through a base of muted lavender. Total yardage in this lot is 1,965 yards. Email if you are interested in purchasing a smaller quantity.

 3 skeins of Haynes House "Community" DK Polwarth, 100% superwash Polwarth. DK weight containing 246 yards/ 100g/ 225 m each skein. Total yardage in lot is 738. Colorway "Cumins" is a mix of browns with highlights in berry shades of dark reds and purples. 

CaMaRose Okologisk Hverdagsuld, #52; SPORT Weight, 164 yards/ 150 m/ per ball. Some of you may have received sample balls of Okologisk Hverdagsuld (Ecological Everyday Wool) recently with your purchases; others may remember when we offered a yarn club option with five per order. Initially short in supply, we placed an additional order with CaMaRose to meet the yarn club needs, and accidentally overshot the mark... just a little! This colorway is called "Ocean," but have you not found that the color of "ocean" is widely interpreted among dyers?? These skeins are a mid-teal. The texture is what grabbed Lisa's interest, and it is her hope to add this line to our shop sometime next year. Reminiscent of the springiness of rambouillet, content is described simply as"100% wool," but you really must try it out and let us know what you think! We have several sealed bags of ten skeins available, but email if you would like to purchase a smaller quantity. Total yardage in each bag of ten is 1,640 yards. Consider using this comfortable sport weight yarn to knit a DRK Everyday Sweater by Andrea Mowry, Tild pullover by Orlane Sucche/ Tete Beche or the brand new design from Lone Kjeldsen-- Purl Willing; or the version we think is even better-- Purl Willing MINI!

You've reached the end! Thank you for looking, and please check back again in a few days to see if we've added more deals. Find the product list below, NOT in order of listing here. Hope you saw something you liked!

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