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Pattern Description: This pretty scarf is warm, practical and easy to make. Created in two halves, the lace is knit from the top down each time, so that it’s identical on both ends! You’ll use your favorite method for provisional cast-ons, make half the scarf, then pick up the live stitches in the middle and knit the other half. The lace is fun and simple, even for a beginner. A bit of aggressive blocking makes the scarf a perfect length and opens up the lace at the same time.

The Cougar Mountain Hap Scarf uses several fun techniques: provisional cast-on, 2-stitch icord edging, and basic lace to create a scarf that is reminiscent of Shetland Island hap shawls, but wearable for any situation.

Want a kit? We have them for both the cream and the grey colorways (believe it or not, the cover photo is of the GREY colorway -- see inside the pattern for better photos of the two shade differences). We no longer carry Garthenor, but you can make this scarf using Jamieson & Smith 2ply Jumper Weight, which is what we feature in the kits.