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Please Note: 2ply Jumper Weight currently has too many colors for one page.

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Product Description: Jamieson & Smith Jumper weight yarns are 100% Shetland wool and are traditionally used in the knitting of Fair Isle garments. Available in the full pallette of beautiful shades originally designed by Jamieson and Smith, this yarn is our flagship yarn, and cannot be imitated in terms of depth of colour and spinning quality - although many have tried! 2ply refers to the plys in the yarn, this wool is a 4ply Woollen Spun thickness.

Please Note: 2ply Jumper Weight does not have names for shades, the desciptions given here are for reference only to help you. The stickers may also have a name on them, this is from the spinner and again just a reference. Please only go by the shade number. Also, J&S has recently revised their yardage. Ball bands may not be correct. Please see the revised yardage below.

Cones: 500g Cones (2500yd/2300m) are available for $82, a savings of $35 over ordering 20 balls. Cones are still sized, and will bloom upon washing. Cones are not always available, so we will have to check with J&S first.  Contact us to arrange a special order.

Unit Size: 25g

Weight: Fingering

Yardage: 114y/105m

Gauge: 28 stitches/4in. on 3mm needles

Needle Size: US 1-3 or 2.5mm-3.25mm

Contains: 100% Shetland wool